Rainbow's LiveJournal

hello, and welcome to my LJ! :)
►► this is a friend's only journal :) only because A) i tend to say some things that i'd rather not have just anybody read, and B) LJ is a place on the internet where nobody really close to be knows about, or at least, that can read. sometimes i need to just... be alone, you know? be alone and be online. you know what i'm saying?
►► if you don't mind rambling, silliness, rants, and just-plain being retarded, you can totally comment a friend request ( unless, of course, you're someone i know, like noor, or olive - give me space to breathe, sweethearts )
►► you also shouldn't mind very weird posts. people tell me ( but i don't think so), that's i'm a pretty weird person
►► if you are offended quickly, it may not be a very good choice to add me - i promise i try not to offend anyone, but sometimes it just happens!

『 i am ...
★ a girl
★ currently living in bahrain
★ 14, going on 15
★ an artist
obsessed with ... art ,, the internet ,,
loving ... balloons* ,, watermelons ,, animals (especially; turtles; cats; dogs; raccoons; octopuses ) ,, rainbows ,, fruits (especially; strawberry; peaches; grapes) ,, ♫♪ music ♬♪

*unfortunately, i'm also terrified of them. :(

credits ;
Stylesheet by causefire! :)
Texture in the "Welcome To DevilishNanci's Page" by chamberstock (@ deviantART)